About the WSRA


Founded in 1971, the Association began as a member-based society managed by a Committee elected by the membership.


In 1994, the membership voted to become a charity managed by up to ten Trustees elected by the membership.
Today, The Association is a charity with around 4000 members and is an integral part of the family of organisations that together form the West Somerset Railway.


The WSRA preserves and supports the Heritage of the West Somerset Railway.


The Articles of Association state the charity's purpose...

"The Association is established to promote education by the restoring, preserving and displaying railway locomotives, carriages, wagons and other artefacts of historical interest and buildings connected therewith in particular but without prejudice to the generality of the foregoing, those connected with the South West of England and the preserving and displaying of books, drawings, records, documents, sound and visual recordings, cinematograph films and photographs relating to such artefacts and vehicles, their history and development."

The Team


The Association is run by a team of up to ten Trustees.  They are elected by the membership at the annual general meeting to serve a term of three years.  Trustees are committed to  the West Somerset Railway and between them have the skills and experience to run the charity and support the heritage railway.


Day to day responsibilities are delegated to a small team of staff, managed by a General Manager, who is directly responsible to the board.


Details of current trustees, directors and staff can be seen here