New lever leads successfully installed in Williton signal box

Peter Mann reports:

A small team from S&T, comprising Peter Mann, Bob Birkenhead and Bernie Martin, have successfully installed a new set of lever leads in Williton Signal Box.This was made possible by the funding support from the WSR Association, which was much appreciated. The leads were engraved by Phil Taphouse of P&S Engraving in Carhampton.

The job itself turned out to be more difficult than we anticipated as we hit a number of problems.  The main issue was that to meet the specification laid down by Signal Engineer John Jenkins, the font on the new leads needed to be as similar as possible to the fonts used on an original set of leads in John’s possession, which came from the old Westbury Signal box. It turned out that these exact fonts were not now available in the digital world, so we had to work very closely with the engraver over a number of months to match the fonts, necessitating many trials and test versions. In the end we had to select a variety of fonts for different letters and numerals. We are very grateful for Phil Taphouse’s expertise and perseverance. We are pleased with the final result, the leads look very good and they help to complete the WN loop extension project.

The photos attached show the new leads in place.