21 January

The 9351 Back-to-traffic Blog

Discussion amongst WSR folk at the weekend identified that the move of GWR Mogul 9351 to Williton Works for final assembly offered a unique opportunity for supporters to follow the work to get her back into traffic. This is expected to take about 120 days and we hope you will be able to follow every step along the way.

The plan is for those doing the work to take some snaps of the work each day that work is carried out on 9351 and for them to be uploaded with a commentary to this blog later that day.

Day 1









We start with a shot of Ryan Pope, Engineering Foreman for WS Restoration plainly very happy to be looking after 9351 at Williton. The work today was the replacement of the insulation and casing around the cylinders by two BESTT trainees.  That there is a fair way to go is shown by the shot of 9351 awaiting its road trip from Minehead to Williton last Saturday.  A road move was preferred as a haulage contractor was on hand for another job and the incomplete state of the loco made that more sensible than preparing her for a 10 mile rail journey.

Finally, for anyone reading this who doesn’t know 9351 well, we attach three shots of the loco in traffic, courtesy of Tim Cowan, Ken Davidge and Steve Edge.