5th February

Another week’s progress…..

New coupling shackle ready to be closed onto threaded trunnion


Expansion link being finished on surface grinder


Smokebox bolted down onto saddle casting


Stay bars set up for drilling bolt holes in smokebox


Ground expansion link and finished die block side plates


Coupling rods with machined white metal bearings pressed in. Now waiting for felt pads.


Some folk have been asking about the 9351 appeal

West Somerset Restorations had originally quoted the WSR plc £14,000 for the work to get 9351 back into traffic. Given the difficult financial situation the WSR plc finds itself in this winter, there was a risk that the WSR plc would not be able to afford this work and so 9351 would not be back in traffic for the season. At their January Board meeting the WSRA Trustees decided to fund this work themselves, as it is important to strengthen the home fleet for the 2019 season and reduce the loco hire charges that were part of the WSR plc’s difficulties in 2018. The Trustees also decided to appeal for assistance with these funds as paying the whole cost from the limited WSRA central, unreserved funds will deplete the Charity’s reserves.

If you are enjoying these updates and would like to support 9351’s return to traffic, please donate via the link at the top of this post or for offline donations please follow the instructions HERE. Remember, if you are a UK tax payer and make a gift aid declaration, for every £1 you donate, the UK government adds 25p.