23rd February

Smokebox door now hung on door ring.

Internal baffle plate has been installed and riveted in as shown by bright patches on the door where the riveted areas have been ground back flush.

Left hand coupling rods installed, they have been fitted with new felt pads that wipe the journal to keep a film of oil spread across the bearing faces but ensure control of oil used


Both injectors have been inspected and cleaned up. The LHS injector is shown mounted on footstep bracket with the overflow valve fitted.  Awaiting the feed pipes (steam and water), delivery pipe and overflow pipe (shown lying on the floor) to be fitted.


Both piston rods have been reground and polished ready to install. The dull areas are the wear limit indicators, the rods are scrap once this diameter is reached.


Connecting rod little ends (fits inside the crosshead) have side thrust plates  – 4 new ones have been fitted, 2 on each rod,  these are drilled with shallow holes to aid oil retention


Right hand coupling rods installed







Chimney casting showing the part located in the smoke box. The blower/ejector ring casting and the petticoat pipe are hung off the bolting holes shown additionally some of these are missing.

The casting is very thin and  requires repair.  Cast iron can be welded however building up  to restore the original thickness is a specialist process.  The security of the blower/ejector ring casting is very important as any derangement within the smoke box could  cause a blow back on the footplate from the firebox. A quote for this repair is expected in a few days time. This additional work may require an increase of the funding appeal