18th April

Overview of reassembly work. Outside steam pipes to cylinders shown without cladding. The bolted joints are evident. Also in view is the safety valve/top feed casting on the top of the boiler barrel, feed pipes to be installed, normally this is hidden under the brass bonnet.

Crossheads have been fitted to piston rods, crossheads now being cleaned for painting then they will be split from rods again until piston/rod assembly is in the cylinder bore with the rod passing through the rear cylinder cover. Then the cross head is attached to the piston rod with a tapered key pulling the tapers on the piston rod and crosshead together.

Pipe work for the injector. Pipe work on every engine will be different. Curves in the pipe work allow for expansion as they heat up in use.

The boiler feed delivery pipes that curve around the side of the boiler barrel and connect to the safety valve and clack valve casting on the top of the boiler, normally covered by the brass bonnet.

Eccentric rods and the lifting link for the Stephenson’s valve gear awaiting fitting.