27th May

9351 is a vacuum braked locomotive. Shown here is the large vacuum brake cylinder located under the cab floor, together with the operating arm, cross shaft and the adjustable linkage that connects to the brake beams.

Fitting of Cab controls and pipe work almost complete, The Regulator handle and linkage to the ‘W’ valve below yet to be fitted. The W valve below the regulator boss controls the supply of “Atomised” oil from the displacement lubricator to the main steam pipes and regulator in the smokebox.

Firehole door, flap and lower backhead cladding showing the revised cladding arrangement due to the bottom washout plugs being relocated during the boiler overhaul.
Wooden cab floor to be made and fitted.

Tender drag box after cleaning with a needle gun prior to repainting. Tender intermediate buffers shown.

The piston rod glands are lubricated with “swabs” held in these castings located on the stuffing box covers. These castings are new as the original ones have still to be discovered at Minehead after being put into storage when 9351 was dismantled some 5 years ago.

Fireman’s side (left hand) cylinder/piston rod/crosshead complete after bump test. Just awaiting fitting of the connecting rod.