The WSRA and WSSRT are pleased to announce that donations to the WSR Rail Renewal Appeal have now exceeded £70,000. Individual donations vary range from £5 to £8000 and the railway is very grateful for all of them. There are also donations from groups and commercial enterprises, demonstrating the important part the West Somerset Railway plays in the life of the local community as well as the wider heritage movement.

We’d like to especially acknowledge the donations made by friends and family in memory of Michael John Gay. Michael Gay was a steam and railway enthusiast and a long-standing supporter of the West Somerset Railway from its very early days. He retired to Loxton, near Weston-super-Mare, after a lifetime in the newspaper industry, finally becoming Managing Director of the then Bristol United Press, publishers of the Western Daily Press and Evening Post. His friends and family have made their donations to the WSR Rail renewal appeal in his memory.

The figures quoted for the appeal here and elsewhere on this website are donations received to date. Associated Gift Aid forms part of the original gift (unless otherwise specified by the donor) and will be added to the Rail Renewal Fund as and when it is recovered.

Please follow the link to our online donations page to make your donation https://www.justgiving.com/campaign/railrenewal2019