WSRA contributes to cattle dock restoration at Stogumber Station

On Friday 4th October the WSRA was thrilled to hand over a cheque for £1150 towards the cost of the second phase of restoring the cattle dock at Stogumber Station.  This is the only remaining cattle dock on the WSR and is therefore an important heritage item for restoration and preservation.  The second phase of the restoration involved the reconstruction of pens based on GWR standard cattle pens.  The station team hope to complete the pens under phase III and also carry out brick paving repairs.  The WSRA also contributed to the first phase of the restoration to reinstate the steps to the cattle dock.

The WSRA invites bids for funding for heritage projects from all stations and other special interest groups on the west somerset railway.

Photo shows WSRA Trustee Robin White handing over the cheque to Stogumber Station Master Bob Preston on 4th October 2019.