West Somerset Railway Association launches ‘WSRA TV’

To assist our railway community, the WSRA has today launched ‘WSRA TV’ a you tube channel.

This intention is to publish short videos dealing with WSR subjects of interest to supporters, which could include the work of departments on the Railway, Railway Groups and individuals. Forthcoming videos will deal with the line’s history, locomotives track rolling stock and the like.

The channel can be found by watching the introductory video on our website or by seeking it out directly at :


It is expected that new material will be loaded over the coming days as it becomes available.

Social distancing will be respected, and much (perhaps most) of the work to produce content will be done electronically.

WSRA Trustee, Robin White said:

‘The WSRA Trustees have thought hard about how we can support our Railway community through the difficult weeks ahead until normality returns. This initiative will hopefully produce a body of material useful to the Railway for the future. If our first efforts are a bit amateurish, please forgive us as we learn but its been a steep learning curve. What we would most like to hear now is what content supporters would like to see. We are working on things like logos and format but thought it was important to get things going.’

The WSR Trustees have been pleased to welcome WSR plc Director Martin Brown to the Advisory group overseeing this work, along with Trustees Diana Ricketts-Tanner and Robin Moira White.

They can be contacted via the WSRA website: www.wsra.org.uk