Somerset Community Foundation supports ‘West Somerset Railway-TV’ initiative

The West Somerset Railway Association, the principle support charity for the West Somerset Railway is pleased to announce that it has received a £250 grant towards the set up costs of ‘WSR-TV’ the You Tube TV Channel set up to keep WSR volunteers, staff, supporters and local people in touch with the line during the Covid-19 shut down.

WSRA Chairman Mike Sherwood said: ‘The Channel was set up at the very start of the lockdown with the co-operation of the WSR plc and other Railway bodies including the Diesel and Electric Preservation Group based at Williton and now has over 30 videos to watch all focused on the West Somerset Railway.  Some are pure entertainment and others more historical instructional.  More material is being added daily.  The engagement shows how much folk love their Railway.  In less than a month we have had over 14,000 views and the number of subscribers – who get a message to tell them when a new video is uploaded – is just passing 400.  We are grateful to Somerset Community Foundation for their support.’

The Channel can be accessed HERE or by logging on to You Tube and searching for ‘West Somerset Railway Television’.