WSRA Chairman’s statement to members about 4160 Ltd.

Dear Members

You may have seen a recent press announcement about locomotive 4160 moving to the South Devon Railway.

To be clear the WSRA position currently remains unchanged:
Association Shares in 4160 LTD were improperly disposed of to Mike Crees and Paul Johnson in 2015. The WSRA has been working to recover those shares and offered to compensate Messrs Crees and Johnson to their full purchased value. WSRA as a charity is obligated to try to achieve this objective.

WSRA have made it clear to Messrs Crees and Johnson from the beginning that the only thing we wished to see was 4160 running again on WSR metals. In order to try and achieve this, the WSRA offered mediation a while back and made it abundantly clear that if the transaction were to be reversed the WSRA would be prepared to help fund the remaining overhaul work needed on 4160. Unfortunately, mediation at this stage was rejected by Mike Crees.

More recently, after we had instituted proceedings, Crees and Johnson’s solicitor asked for mediation which led to WSRA trustees agreeing to a delay in the court proceedings so that mediation could take place. At this time no offer of any meeting has been has been made by Messrs Crees and Johnson’s solicitor to the WSRA solicitor. Neither have we received any direct approach with a meeting offer from Messrs Crees and Johnson

WSRA had no prior knowledge of the newly announced arrangements.

We will revisit this matter with members in more detail at the next Association AGM due to be held in the Autumn.

If, as WSRA members, you have strong views on this subject please let us know so these can be given full consideration in the board’s discussions.