Trustees were forced to conclude at the May Trustee meeting that it would be better to postpone the AGM until the autumn.

We were looking at holding a virtual meeting on 10th July but have now concluded that the technology would be a barrier for too many of our members. So we have taken advantage of the latitude provided by the Charity Commission for this year and postponed the meeting until a date yet to be confirmed in the Autumn.  Papers will be sent out with the Autumn Journal due to be published in September.

A slightly amended Trustee Nomination form can still be accessed HERE and nominations will be accepted in accordance with the WSRA articles ie between 60 and 30 clear days before the revised AGM date.

The WSRA board does need to be strengthened, especially in these difficult times, and members are urged to take this additional time to seriously consider the contribution they could make if elected to the WSRA board.

Could you serve as a WSRA Trustee?  Nominations are now open for new Trustees who would like to stand for election at the 2020 AGM on 10th July. Each nominee must be a member and have a proposer and seconder who are also current members. Full requirements for serving as a Trustee can be found in the Articles of Association on our website.

Additional useful information is also available from the Charity Commission website and if you are considering becoming a Trustee for the first time the publication The Essential Trustee is a good place to start.

The WSRA needs good quality Trustees, with relevant experience who are able to make a valid contribution, firstly to the Charity and also to the West Somerset Railway.  Nomination forms are available HERE and the closing date is 10th June.

If you are unsure and would like to talk to someone first, all current Trustees are available to chat and their contact details are on our TEAM page.

The Rally organising team have reluctantly come to the decision that it will not be possible to run the 2020 Rally, planned for the 1st and 2nd of August 2020. We had held off the decision for a long as possible, in the hope that restrictions would be lifted, and we could still safely organise a Rally. We have now concluded that this is not possible.
We know that this will disappoint our exhibitors, traders, volunteers and visitors. We are grateful for your support and look forward to seeing you on the 7th & 8th August 2021.
Some exhibitors have already paid for tickets, and some traders have paid for their trade or craft pitches. We will, of course, refund your payment, or return your cheque if it has not yet been banked. If you wish, your payment could be held over until 2021, or treated as a donation to our charity: our income will be severely reduced without the Rally.
If you have paid, please do contact your marshal, by e mail or phone. If you would like a refund, the best way is to let us have your bank details: sort code and account number. We will then set up a refund with the reference WSRA rally. Please do allow us a little time to set this up. Alternatively, please let your marshal know if you would like to donate your money or hold it for 2021.
Thank you
The Rally team