Forward Steps

The WSRA is pleased to say that, as a result of the regular meetings being held with the WSR plc and WSSRT, it has been agreed to establish a fundraising group working for the whole West Somerset Railway. This flows from the fundraising role recommended for the WSRA by the Coombes Report. Initial membership of the group will be WSRA Trustees Robin Moira White and Diana Ricketts Tanner, Dick Wood representing the WSR plc and Steve Williams for the WSSRT. The group will be supported by WSRA General Manager Jacquie Green and the services of Kate Williams, professional fundraiser financed by the WSRA. It is anticipated that as the effort grows in strength, other groups and individuals will be asked to join in. A first meeting of the Group has been set for Wednesday 17th June. Railway supporters interested in helping should contact any of those mentioned above.

A first focus for the group will be to assist the Railway to weather the Covid-19 difficulties. To this end the group will need to understand the practical and financial plans formulated by the WSR plc so that fundraising can be carried out in the most effective way to draw in the necessary support.

The WSRA also welcomes the steps being taken by the WSR plc to re-open Williton Works. This will allow progress to be made on the restoration of WSRA-owned small prairie 4561. We intend to establish a blog showing the work as it progresses so that supporters can follow the work even though visits to Williton will not be possible at present.

The WSRA has also established a protocol to ensure that, in the difficult circumstances of the present Covid-19, errors are not made in communication like the one which led to the joint Press Release issued on 8 June 2020 being stated as having been approved by the WSRA, when not all of its content had been.

Statement by The WSRA board of Trustees