I have been a WSR volunteer since 2000, working in the loco department and involved with heritage standard gauge steam locomotive operation and overhaul since 1990. I am also director of a small engineering company that uses traditional engineering processes but also embraces modern processes.

I have been greatly concerned by recent loss to the WSR of much potential for the future, the loss of the support of people who could deliver that future and loss of the good reputation that the WSR had built up in the past.

I would seek to ensure that the considerable efforts of those who have gone before should not be lost to the future.

To this end, the restructuring of the WSR as outlined in the Bailey report is something that I fully support and wish the WSRA to progress taking a lead to bring all WSR stakeholders together to provide a safeguarded future for the WSR.

I also wish to see a WSR evolve that is welcoming to its many volunteers and can effectively engage with the local  community to enhance the West Somerset offer to visitors and residents alike.

Additionally the WSR has a role to play facilitating the training of young people in business, hospitality, engineering and land management skills. Beyond that the development of training in traditional heritage engineering will ensure that our wonderful railway has a sustainable future.

The WSRA is well placed facilitate delivery of these essential building blocks for the future.


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