Representing your views at the AGM

Members will have received invitations and documents for the AGM, to be held on 26th September 2020, at 10.00am. There is detailed information on this website under Membership/AGM 2020 explaining how to book your place at the AGM, either in person, or via the weblink.

All places at the AGM must be pre-booked and will be checked for valid membership in the normal way.

Clearly, this year’s AGM will be different from normal, as the Covid-19 restrictions limit the numbers of members who can attend the meeting, and have forced us to set up the remote online meeting, with postal voting for online attendees (as well as anyone else who wishes to use it)

Some members have told us that these arrangements make it difficult for them to express their views and have asked us to consider postponing the AGM. This is not possible, for two reasons:

  • We are required to hold our AGM by 30 September 2020 by legislation (Corporate Insolvency & governance bill 2020). The same legislation allows for AGMs to be held virtually.
  • If we postponed the meeting, there is no guarantee that Covid restrictions would be less onerous at any foreseeable future date. Indeed, they could become more restrictive.

Your Trustees therefore believe that it is right to go ahead and want to make it as easy as possible for members to ask questions, receive answers and air their views. The website and the information posted to you shows how you can vote at the AGM. In addition, we would like to offer further support:

Joining the virtual meeting
This is easy, requiring only a laptop PC or tablet or mobile with an internet connection. You will need an entry code and link, which will be sent to everyone registered for the remote meeting. There will also be detailed instructions on the simple process to be followed, for those who are not familiar with joining online meetings. These emails will be sent out in the days before the meeting, with the meeting link being the last email sent.

Asking questions, or expressing views
As an alternative, you are offered the opportunity to ask a question by email, which will be publicly asked and answered at the meeting, and the answer emailed to you afterwards. If you would like to take this up, please email to the trustee appointed to receive these questions: with the title “AGM question”

If emails are not your thing, you are welcome to phone Geoff on 01643 863574. If he is not available, there is an answerphone that will take messages, and calls will be returned if you leave a contact number. Anything received by 18.00 on 25th September will be followed up.

You can also listen to the debate by phone, by ringing a dedicated number and entering the conference ID. IF you would like to do this, please let Geoff know at least 24 hours before the meeting and he will arrange for you to have the necessary information and joining instructions.

By these means, we hope to make sure your views are heard at the AGM in a way that suits you.

WSRA Trustees 21/9/2020


If you have any technical queries on the joining process for the meeting (online or in person) please email or call the WSRA office on 01823 433856.

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