13th November 2020

29. Coffee table!

Machining of the surface table to form a level datum for assembling the cylinders has been completed and the resulting block mounted on a welded steel framework. It is now referred to as the ‘coffee table’ although it is considerably more substantial than these normally are!


A quick reminder that we still need more funds to help with this work so please give what you can.

27.Cylinder blocks
28. cylinder blocks

Two photos that show the new cylinders having been set up on the ‘table’ with temporary nuts and bolts through the central flanges to hold the two castings steady. Once Ryan is satisfied that these are correctly aligned he will make and fit new fitted bolts for these flanges to hold the two cylinders together in service. Note that a small screw jack has been set up under each cylinder casting to take some of the weight to assist making any movements needed.