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The final 50:50 club draw for 2017 has now taken place and cheques are on their way to the lucky winners. As usual the winning ticket numbers can be viewed at

Over the year the WSRA 50:50 club generated £8726, of which half was given back in prizes and the remainder was a donation to the WSRA, after club admin costs were accounted for. Participation in the club has increased significantly over the year, as we have dealt with the past issues and moved forward. The lowest month was February when just £536 was paid into the club, but by December that had increased to £863.

A big THANK YOU to everyone who participates in the WSRA 50:50 club and if you’re not yet a member, you can download an application form HERE.

More members = a higher prize fund and more donations for the WSRA. 


The Trustees and Staff of the WSRA and WSRA Promotions would like to wish all our members and supporters a Merry Christmas and a Happy and Healthy New Year.

Thank you for all your support in 2017; we hope you will continue with us in 2018.

The October draw for the fifty fifty club has now taken place and cheques are in the post to the lucky winners. The winning ticket numbers can be viewed HERE

Not a Fifty Fifty Club member?  Download the application form and send it in today and you too could be supporting the WSRA and winning prizes.

Our Chairman writes….

Proposed New Membership Subscriptions

The last 18 months has allowed stability to return to the Association, but it has taken a great deal of time and effort. We recognise that the Association has not been supporting the railway as it ought, and we are working hard to change that. We need to increase our income, and reduce our costs, and we shall be reporting to you as we move forward.

New Articles of Association were adopted at the AGM which allowed the Board to set subscriptions. We compared the subscriptions paid on other railways and noted when they were last increased. There has been no increase in our subscriptions for three years.

We are very much aware of the concerns many members expressed about the loss of free travel. We are exploring different ways of providing better benefits for members while staying within the Gift Aid rules. We shall keep you posted on these developments.

We hope to get to the point where working volunteers naturally join the Association, and we therefore propose to introduce a new class of membership for them.

We promised to consult on our proposals, so here they are. The date for implementation, subject to the consultation, will be 1 January 2018.

Adult                                                                      £25
Two Adults                                                            £38
Family                                                                   £46
Student (up to age 23 in full time education)  £10
Senior Citizen                                                      £20
Two Senior Citizens                                            £30
Working Volunteer*                                            £15
Student Working Volunteer *                             £ 5

* These subscriptions entitle the member to full rights, except that The Journal will only be provided electronically.

If you would like to comment on these proposals, please write to your trustees using the address  before Monday 13 November.

Paul Whitehouse
WSRA Chairman

The September draw for the WSRA Fifty Fifty club has now taken place. All prize winners have been notified and sent their prize cheques.  The winning ticket numbers can be found  HERE

Not a Fifty Fifty Club member?  Download the application form and send it in today and you too could be supporting the WSRA and winning prizes.

The WSRA Board is sorry to announce that Frank Houlding has resigned for personal reasons.

Ian Coleby has been appointed as WSR Journal editor with immediate effect.

Ian is currently vice chairman of the WSR plc and has been the designer and typesetter for the journal for the past year. He is also the author of ‘The Minehead Branch 1848-1971’, probably the most definitive work written about our railway.

Ian will be assisted by Keith Smith as Deputy Editor and by Nigel Kendall in the design and layout of the journal. Supporting them is a team of photo editors, sub-editors and proof readers all working to produce a lively and interesting publication.

The next edition will be published in December.

We are pleased to announce that it is now possible to join the WSRA and renew your membership online. See our Membership page for more details. This is the next phase in a planned development which, over the next few months, will include a much more inclusive on-line facility where members are able to manage their own WSRA membership and data.

Membership fees and categories will be discussed after the completion of the formal business at the AGM on Saturday 30th September at 2:00pm, so do come along and join in the debate.

The August 50:50 Club draw has now taken place. Cheques are on their way to the six lucky winners. See the winning numbers or Join the club by downloading an application form here