Carriages and Wagons owned by the WSRA

Carriages and wagons in service on the West Somerset Railway

The Quantock Belle Dining Train comprising:

  • FO 3108  Meteor
  • RU 1909 Orion
  • RMB 1804 Aries
  • BSK 35408 Jupiter

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Hawksworth Designed

Taunton Inspector's

Observation Saloon


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TSO carriages

  • 4911
  • 4435
  • 4956
  • 5024
  • 4419

All in general service on the WSR.

BCK 21174 Phoenix

Built in 1958

Acquired for preservation in 1983, previously ran with the Quantock Belle dining train.


Now in general service on the WSR


The WSRA also owns carriages and wagons not currently in service.  These include camping coaches, carriages awaiting restoration and vehicles adapted for other uses.







Supporting the Heritage of The West Somerset Railway