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The West Somerset Railway Joint Fundraising Group

  • West Somerset Railway Association
  • West Somerset Railway PLC
  • West Somerset Steam Railway Trust

Working together to support the West Somerset Railway

The West Somerset Heritage Railway runs through 22 miles of Somerset's finest countryside, linking communities, providing employment and volunteering opportunities, and helping to sustain the economy of the area, as it has done for over 150 years.

The railway has been badly affected by the Covid-19 lockdown measures and has not been able to trade and earn the income needed to survive.  Just at the point where the railway was ready to reopen in 2020 it found itself unable to operate any services and without any of the revenue required to meet day-to-day expenditure.

The three main organisations on the WSR are working together to raise the funds needed for the survival of the WSR and to do it in the most effective way possible.  There are several funds and ways that you can donate and these are listed below with links.

Donate to the WSR PLC  COVID-19 Emergency Appeal

The railway itself (through the PLC) needs cash to survive until it can trade again and if you are able to contribute to this please consider a donation direct to the PLC.  Staged donations over the next nine months would also be welcome. Donations directly to the PLC are not eligible for gift aid, but are vital to cover the ongoing costs that the charities are unable to fund.

Donate to restore WSRA owned locomotive 4561

WSRA owned Small Prairie 4561 has been out of service since 1998.  The aim is now to complete the restoration and return it to running on the railway as soon as possible. The WSRA has committed to a schedule of work at Williton from July 2020, that will progress the work on the loco and also help to support the employment of the skilled staff doing the work. Donations to this fund are eligible for gift aid. Learn how you can help, including regular giving options  HERE

Donate to repair and renew our track

The West Somerset Railway track uses 53,000 sleepers and well over 40 miles of rail. The rail has a life of between 50 and 100 years. Much of our track is at the very end of its life and we urgently need to renew it.  The railway will not be able to re-open if the track does not meet the required safety standards. Donations to this fund are eligibel for gift aid.  Learn more and how to donate, including regular giving options HERE

Donate to refurbish our carriages

The WSRA owns 5 TSO passenger carriages, a BCK brake carriage, the Quantock Belle dining train, an observation saloon and several others too. Along with the other carriages on the railway, they need maintaining often to standards never envisaged when they were built.  Donations to this fund are eligible for gift aid. Find out more HERE

Donate to the WSSRT

The WSSRT focuses on managing museums at Bishops Lydeard and Blue Anchor stations, restoring and displaying the heritage carriages and other items owned by the trust, and heritage education and learning. Donations to the WSSRT are eligible for gift aid.

To find more about the work of the WSSRT vist their WEBSITE

Donate to the WSRA

The WSRA is a membership organisation, focused on restoring  and displaying heritage carriages and locomotives on the West Somerset Railway; and on preserving and maintaining the buildings and track needed to do that.  Donations to the WSRA are eligible for gift aid. Membership of the WSRA is open to everyone and you can join HERE

Donate to Specific Projects

Occasionally, we will launch short  fundraising campaigns, for projects we feel supporters would like the opportunity to make a specific contribution towards.

Donate to the DMU Repair Fund

A group of  volunteers, known as the "DMU Spanner Bashers" want to replace the door handles, locks and striker plates on the DMU to make it safe for you to ride in. The cost of the parts is around £5000, so they need some help to make it happen. This fund is eligible for gift aid. If you would like to help please donate HERE

Supporting the Heritage of The West Somerset Railway