West Somerset Railway Association

Restructuring the West Somerset Railway

This webpage is for WSRA members to read about and respond to proposals to restructure the West Somerset Railway, based initially on the 'Bailey Report' of May 2020, and including subsequent progress and updates.

The report, issued by John Bailey on 23rd May 2020, can be downloaded and read HERE.  It is partly redacted because some of it refers to another topic and not the proposed restructuring of the WSR.

The WSRA Trustees issued a response of 5th June 2020 and that can be read in full HERE

The WSR PLC published a response on 27th June 2020 and that can be read HERE.  The WSR PLC has also issued subsequent updates to staff and volunteers via the internal HOPS system and asked its shareholders for an initial response.

The WSRA Trustees asked members to also express their initial views on the proposals.  A survey was available on this page until 31st December 2020.

The results of the initial survey have been collated and the document can be read HERE

Any WSRA members wishing to make further comment on the way forward are welcome to contact us by EMAIL. or write in to the registered office on Bishops Lydeard Station.