Williton Signal Box

Supporting replacement lever leads for Williton Signal Box

Replacement lever leads for Williton Signal Box

The Williton Signal Box is a Grade II listed building and the only original Bristol & Exeter box on the West Somerset Railway.

Lever leads in the Williton Signal Box have been replaced and changed over the years, leaving some old faded leads and some hardboard leads, plus the new Williton layout has required new lever leads on several of the levers, which are currently stuck on paper labels!   This situation is detracting from the education and heritage value of the signal box and so the WSRA Trustees have agreed to fund the project to supply a complete set of 25 new levers.

The new leads are being commissioned from a local engraver, and will copy the design, typeface and font of the old British Railways Western Region. They cannot be installed whilst the railway is running, so installation must wait until a non-running day in the Autumn of 2018.

WN signal box lever leads

The poor state of current lever leads, including temporary labels

WN signal box sample new

A sample of the new lead on white traffolite, shown alongside the old lead from Westbury box

WN 25 lever leads

The full set of 25 lever leads in Williton Signal Box

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