Stogumber Station Cattle Dock

Supporting reconstruction of steps to the Cattle Dock

Rebuilding the steps to the Stogumber Station Cattle Dock

The Stogumber Station Cattle Dock has been in a state of dereliction and station staff and supporters have embarked on a staged reconstruction, which is planned to achieve a complete restoration over a period of time.

During preparatory works to expose the retaining wall alongside the dock ramp, an offset chamfered stone plinth was uncovered to the base of the wall which had previously been concealed by vegetation and top soil. The plinth is part of the pre-existing Goods Office, demolished in the years running up to closure.  In due course it is planned to use the stone found on site to re-create the extended plinth.

In 2018 the WSRA was pleased to contribute the cost of the materials for volunteers to rebuild the steps to the cattle dock as part of the first phase of the work.

080 SRS cattle Dock RMW

The work starts on 9th April 2018

003 SR cattle dock RMW

Clearing the Cattle Dock on 1st July 2018

108 SR cattle dock RMW

The cleared Cattle dock on 21 July 2018

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