WSR Stations and Groups Projects

Supporting the Heritage of The West Somerset Railway


The West Somerset Railway Association considers funding requests for heritage projects from stations and other groups contributing to the railway. Trustees consider each bid on merit and will either:

  • agree to fund the project outright
  • agree to fundraise for the project and underwrite any shortfall or delay
  • agree to fundraise for the project and rely entirely on donations and associated gift aid payments to fund the project.
  • decline the project and give feedback as to why that decision was made.

Terms and conditions for funding and application forms are available for download from our Documents page

These are the WSR station and group projects the WSRA funded in 2018:

MoD Goods Brake Van restoration

A team of volunteers are working to restore this 1942 MoD Goods Brake Van to recreate a typical freight train of the era

Lever leads for Williton Signal Box

A new set of lever leads to replace the old, out of date and temporary lever leads  in the Williton Signal box

Seats for Stogumber Station

To upholster two painted wooden bench seats to return them to their original appearance - and make them more comfortable!

Tarpaulins for open wagons

Canvas Tarpaulins and ropes for two Open Wagons restored by volunteers to WWII time frame for use in an authentic military freight train to run on the West Somerset Railway

Stogumber Station Cattle Dock

Materials for rebuilding the steps to the cattle dock.

Supporting the Heritage of The West Somerset Railway